Ever thought, Where do Honey Bees Live?

Where do honey bees live, they live in hives or in the wild they create nests. These hives or nests can have up to eighty thousand bees inside. Most of these bees are worker bees. The largest bee in the hive is the Queen bee. The male bees (Drones) mate with the Queen then they die. The Queen bee lays eggs around the hive and she keeps it under control. It’s the job of the worker bees to do all the hard work, not just inside but outside of the hive too. They build the nest, look after the grubs and go out to find food.

Where Do Honey Bees Live
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The most common place for bees to make their nest is away from the elements which has quick access to wildflowers. We find a lot of nests near woodland areas where they are clear from insecticides. This causes problems for the bee population as natural habitats are becoming scarcer.

There are groups of individuals and farmers who are setting up bee habitats to encourage the bee population. If you are interested in helping, you don’t need to have a hive but you can follow the infographic chart to see what flowers to plant to entice bees.

Here are some other tips to help Honeybees

Become a Beekeeper
This is a great hobby and there are many local beekeepers associations to help you get started. There is an innovative Hive that has been created where you just turn the tap and out pours the honey. You can find this type of hive here.

Planting Bee Friendly Plants
If you live in a built up area then this chart will guide you on the best plants to grow to encourage bees.

Buy Honey which is Local
There are many benefits in buying local honey. The main reason is it keeps the local beekeeper doing what he does best and that’s protecting bees. There are health benefits too as this article explains.

Protect Nests
If you see a nest contact your local beekeeper to take the nest away instead of having it destroyed.

We would love to hear your thoughts on keeping bees.