The Underground Earth-ship Greenhouse

This project is amazing, I always wanted to build an underground Earthship greenhouse in my garden and this company have made it a reality. Check out how to build this using their guide over at

So What’s the Appeal in Building a Greenhouse

I love this greenhouse idea. Unfortunately I haven’t yet had the time to build one myself, however the thought of growing fruits and other sought after goodies all year round sounds very appealing, not to mention, after a hard day’s work, lazing around in a hammock in my semi-tropical climate at the bottom of the garden would be heaven.

I can’t wait to build one of these underground Earth-ship greenhouses for next to nothing apart from my own hard labour.

How does an Underground Greenhouse Work?

It basically works by using the sun’s energy to build heat then being sunk in the ground gives it great insulation keeping the heat in. The other benefit is ‘thermal inertia’ where the subsurface temperature is constant all year round

I came across this Walipini and straight away knew I had to learn more about its building processes.

This type of underground greenhouse makes it possible to grow those fruits you had always desired, even in colder climates like here in the UK.

Who’s makes these Greenhouses?

The company behind these genius plans call this Earthship ‘The Greenhouse of the Future’.
The DVD available shows you every process of the build, included is the 70 min long movie, 200+ Ebook, The Plans and much more. You will learn things like;

  • Power from the sun
  • Earth tubes
  • Thermal mass
  • Rainwater Collection
  • The use of natural, recycled and up-cycled materials.
  • This video is loaded with very helpful material.

A detailed Guide

This is an extremely comprehensive guide and even if you choose to use the materials in a completely different way this guide still provides all of the research needed to enable you to understand each stage of the greenhouse build process.

If you’re as passionate about building an underground Earthship greenhouse, I would love to see what you come up with please share your creations.

Another great resource