Get stuck in with these vertical tower garden instructions

If you’re a fan of vertical tower gardens then I have something special for you. The best I have found, Tower Garden Instructions for a bank holiday project. Kids and the wife can help too or you may just need an excuse to get out of house.  Don’t forget to share your projects with us.

I love the tower growing method, it’s perfect for space saving or running a micro farm from your garden. We have found all types of tower garden instructions for you to sink your teeth into. What a perfect weekend project. I hope you enjoy.

Vertical garden using recycled materials

Vertical garden using recycled materials image via

Build a vertical garden using recycled materials that you may have at home. This is an easy project and the rewards are very beneficial. This type of garden tower is a system that makes its own fertiliser via composting. Read more about composting here.

DIY Vertical Gardening Systems

Vertical Gardening Systemsimage via

Build gardening systems like these garden pots. It’s a relatively easy project as all you need is different sized pots to stack high. You could take it a step further and implement a watering system or Hydroponics. Read more here.

Pyramid Garden Box

Pyramid Garden Boximage via

Build gardening This Pyramid garden box is ideal for growing Herbs, Strawberries and other variety of plants in. You can put these anywhere in the garden making them the best solution for growing in garden towers. This weekend garden project has DIY plans with photos at every step. I hope you enjoy building this one. Find the DIY Pyramid garden box plans here.

Garden Tower Vertical Container with Lights

Garden Tower Vertical Container with Lightsimage via

This vertical garden tower with lights is great for those of you that don’t want to build their own. Spending the extra money will give you one of these special towers with specially designed grow lights to help you not only grow fruits in colder climates but grow at a faster pace than normal. Buy one here.

Vertical Pallet Garden Instructions

Vertical Pallet Garden Instructionsimage via

This is a great pallet garden idea. Make use of old pallets and plant a vertical pallet garden. You will find all the instructions on this site.

Potato Barrel Planter Instructions

Potato Barrel Planter Instructionsimage via

Grow 100’s of Potatoes with these Potato barrel planter instructions found on this site. If you’re limited to space then this is an ideal solution for growing potatoes. Not only does it reduce the need to weed but it also eliminates pest problems.

Growing Fruit in Containers

Growing Fruit in Containersimage via

Contrary to popular belief Strawberries grow very well in containers or in this case guttering. Growing in a greenhouse or indoors with this method you are able to grow Strawberries all year round. This is not exactly tower garden instructions but more vertical growing or horizontal growing in gutters or pipes. Not only does this produce a good crop but you can also pick from underneath making it easier to pick the low hanging fruit. Read more vertical garden ideas.