If you’ve got an outdoor space but aren’t making the most of it, then it’s time to think about transforming your space into an area which you can enjoy, a haven to escape from reality which gives you a great reason to get outdoors as often as possible.

Home decking is a great place to start as it’s an instant way of defining areas in your garden and will create a contemporary feel to your home.

Whether you entertain for your friends every weekend or looking for some peace and quiet to finally delve into that new novel you’ve been itching to read, decking will give your garden a new lease of life and will also add a luxury touch.


When putting the plans together for your decking, there are plenty of aspects to consider. Cost is the principal factor, and then there’s Return on Investment, as most homeowners want to have some sort of outdoor living space.

Then you need to think about what you’ll mainly be using your decking for, will it be for family evening meals, BBQ’s with friends, therefore, you’ll want a designated fire pit or just a nice outdoor area where you can enjoy some alone time? Once you’ve started to jot down some ideas for your logistics, then it’s onto the decking details.

There are types of decking to consider, shapes, colours, finishes and whether you want to have railings with your decking or not, so researching for your home renovation is vital.

Home decking is a big decision but can be quite a simplistic method to reviving your outdoor space when given the time and thought, which is why the below infographic from 4everdeck is so great, as it outlines the key benefits of decking and the main factors to consider when putting your home renovation plans together.

Check it out today and you’ll be one step closer to your dream decking…