This DIY tutorial teaches you how to make a Hydroponics System at Home

How to make a hydroponics system at home.

Hydroponics are easier to make than you realise. This article explains how to make a hydroponics system at home the easy way! This is known as the Deep Water System or Water Culture. Lets get started on your build.


Materials needed to build your Hydroponics system.

Apart from the obvious drill, hole saw and paint you will need:

  • Nutrients
  • Dark or Black Plastic Tubing
  • An Air-stone and pump
  • Rockwool
  • Hydroton Balls
  • Some pots
  • Tubing

The Rockwool and Seeds

Rockwool Cubes

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Pre-soak the Rockwool in a neutral PH up to 24 hours. Find your favorite herb seeds here to add to your Rockwool. Once soaked put the seeds on the Rockwool and leave in a warm place like an airing cupboard until you see the first set of leaves growing. Once grown then transfer to your Hydroponic system.

Cut Holes and Paint the Planter

Cut holes in the lid and paint the Hydroponics box

You will need to use a hole saw to cut the correct size holes out of your box. Once done make sure you use plastic primer and a dark top coat paint. We use dark to keep out sunlight, this is to eliminate any algae growth on your Hydroponic system.

Put in the Air-stone and Nutrients

Hydroponics system bucket nearly finished

Next stage is to add your pump, air-stone and nutrients to the equation. You will want to add the water level up to the roots of the plants and the water should be at the correct PH for your chosen plants. Depending on what type of nutrients you decide to use, will determine the amount needed for various different plants. Change the water cycle every 2 weeks.

Adding your Plants or Herbs

Hydroponics system plants growing

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The last stage is to add the plants or herbs in the Rockwool to the pots. Then you will need to fill the pots with Hydroton balls so that no light can get through into the water compartment. You will then need to place the Hydroponics system in a good light source like a window sill, greenhouse or an indoor Led light setup.