Ever wondered what Hydroponics are?

Wouldn’t it be great to grow herbs, fruit and vegetables indoors at home any time of the year? Well you can with our Step by step homemade hydroponics growing guide and homemade hydroponic systems for growing herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Wick Hydroponic System

This explains it well!

In a nutshell Hydroponic growing is the method of growing plants in water with nutrients and minerals. There’s no soil and more commonly people use volcanic lava rocks and Perlite. There are different types of Hydroponic systems that we cover below.

Build Homemade Hydroponic Systems Easily

We have put together examples of homemade hydroponic systems please read a step by step guide on a Homemade Hydroponic Bucket System here.

The Wick System

This type of system is the most basic of all the hydroponics systems, it is also the easiest to set up.
With no moving parts its ideal for people on a budget. These systems work best for certain types of herbs and lettuces that don’t require a lot of water, plants like tomatoes require more water and the Wick system doesn’t work so well for this.

Hydroponics Wick System

Here’s an example of a smaller homemade system Homemade Hydroponics Wick System

Water Culture

Here’s the Water Culture Hydroponics System.

Hydroponics Water Culture

Drip System

The drip system is the most common type of Hydroponic system. With an easy operation the nutrients are dripped onto each plants stems. The recovery drip system nutrients are collected in a reservoir which then runs back into the main drip system.

Hydroponics Drip System

Ebb & Flow

With the Ebb & Flow Hydroponics System, it works by filling the growing area with the nutrients which in-turn drains any solutions in the back reservoir again.

Hydroponics Ebb and Flow


This Hydroponic system is more technical than the rest to set up. Similar to the NFT Hydroponic system it uses mainly air and mist. The pump creates a mist every few mins.

Aeroponic Hydroponic System

N.F.T. (Nutrient Film Technique)

The N.F.T. System is designed to send the nutrients past the plant stems constantly, eliminating the need for a timer on the pump.

NFT Hydroponics

Homemade Hydroponics Growing Guide

The benefits of hydroponic growing

Having a hydroponic garden is a good way of becoming self-sufficient but add LED grow lights or CFL Grow Lights to the equation and you have an amazing setup. Now you might be asking ‘This is going to cost a fortune’ well you’re wrong all you need is the right type of LED grow light and a bit of homemade Hydroponics. The LED lighting is very cost effective in the way that it only uses a fraction of your electricity bill. These LED lights use around 12-20V where-as a normal UK appliance or similar uses 240V. Not only are the LEDs low power but they don’t contain mercury like the Fluorescent lights once used for growing indoors.

Still asking the question, What are Hydroponics? then further reading can be found on Wiki