Want to impress your guests at your next garden party? We have found the best way to make a glow wood table

Make your own garden glow wood table

This unique glowing garden feature is so impressive. Pecky Cypress hardwood is used as it has these unique recesses caused by natural fungus growth. This acts as the perfect housing for glow-in-the-dark (Photoluminescent) powdered resin.

Here’s how to make your own garden glow wood table

Apart from Pecky Cypress Hardwood, you will need:
Blue Glow-in-the-dark powder
Casting Epoxy Resin

Plane the Cypress Hardwood


This type of wood usually comes direct from the saw mill and may be very rough. We suggest if you have access to a planer then you should plane down the edges and the face of the wood to leave a smooth area. Next you will need to cut into planks and smooth all of the edges. You can now join the boards together using dowels and glue held together in clamps.

Clean up the Cypress Hardwood
You can use tools like chisels or flat headed screwdrivers to remove any rot in the cavities. Then use a hoover to clean out, if you have access to an air compressor then use this to blow any remaining rot out.

Plane The Hardwood

Plane The Garden Glow Wood Table

Once the glue on the table has completely dried, sand the table down with a course paper, around: 80 grit should do it. This will clean up the Glow table nicely ready for the next stage.

Glow Powder and Resin
Make sure the table has no cavities that go right through the boards, if they do then tape up the underside with masking tape and any edges that may need it.

Next we use clear casting resin mixed with glow in the dark powder which comes in various colours. Using more powder gives you a better result.

Pour in the Resin

Glow in the dark table and resin powder.

Pour in the glow in the dark resin into the hardwood table. You will need to pour it into all the wood cavities and let it set overnight.

Un-sanded glow table

Next you will need to sand over the face of the table with a sander, if you have a drum sander then this would be better but if not a palm sander will do. Go through the course papers to the fine papers to give it a great finish. If you have a router you could route the edges of the table.

Polyurethane Clear Coat
Finish the face of the glow table with a Polyurethane Clear Coat, if the finish needs to be smoother then re-sand with a fine paper and apply the coat again.

Polyurethane Clear Coat

The Finished Glow Table

The Finished Glow Table

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Read more about Photoluminescence on Wiki.