Garden Fencing

All You Need to Know About Garden Fencing.

The presence of fencing in or around your garden can be beneficial for several different reasons. It gives you more privacy, as neighbours and passers-by won’t have an unobstructed view of your property. It prevents animals from straying into your garden. It clearly sets out the boundary lines of your property, thus pre-empting any potential disputes with neighbours. It also makes your garden look classy and well-maintained!
Whatever the primary intention of your garden fencing may be, this will determine the criteria which are most important when selecting a fence. If security from outside parties and inclement weather is your primary concern, you’ll want to choose a sturdy, durable material. If you want privacy over all else, a tall fence would be most ideal. If on the other hand, it’s mainly for aesthetic embellishment, you can focus more on the colour and shape of the fence.
Once you have selected your fence and implemented it, you can’t just leave it there forever more. A fence will only be as good as the care you provide for it, and at least once a year you should schedule treatment of the fence to ensure that it isn’t subjected to rot. It’s also worth undertaking a bit of TLC straight away if harsh weather conditions take their toll on the fence. This infographic by Crowe Sawmills advises on how best to treat your fence so that its quality is maintained for years to come.
If you would like any further, garden fencing questions answered, read below to find out more.