Best Rocket Stove Plans


This article is about – DIY rocket stove plans for camping or cooking at home. It can even be used in smaller spaces for heating. In our view, this is the best DIY Rocket Stove Plans we have come across.

Complete rocket stove

Rocket Stove Plans

This is very easy to make but the results are amazing. Time took roughly two hours.

Ingredients and Tools

  • The rocket stove was made out of:
  • One paint can
  • Two smaller tomato tins
  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Cutting pliers
  • Drill and drill bit
  • Stove top (Cast Iron Stove Top Found Here)


Cutting out the hole

Use a hole cutter to cut out a hole in the side of the paint tin. Use the correct width to cover the small tin’s diameter

Drill paint can

This will only make a score mark in the tin, so next you will need to drill holes in the side of the paint tin along the score marks left by the hole saw.

Drill Holes Around

Drill until you have holes all the way round the score mark. Then take a pair of cutting pliers and cut around the hole.

Cut with Pliers

The edges will be incredibly sharp so mind your hands here.

Take the edge of the pliers and bend the edges inwards to smooth out the hole. You will want to keep checking the size of the small tin to make sure it will fit tightly.

Insert smaller tin

For the inner section, you will need to use the other small tin can. Cut an arch in the tin to fit over the can you just inserted, a hacksaw with a new blade is recommended here.

Cut middle tin

Once you have the two cut lines, you will need to bend the flap up so when you put it inside the large tin it will fit nicely over the inserted tin.

Fold up middle tin

Adding Sand and Gravel

Pour the sand into the large tin and fill up around the edges. You will need to alternate gravel and sand, making sure the gravel ends up at the top.

Pour in Sand

Pour in Gravel

You are almost ready to test with a heat source. First, make sure everything is cleaned out in the inserted tin.

You will need a stove top for your kettle or saucepan to sit on, you can find them on Amazon Found here on Amazon.

Ready to test your Rocket Stove

Add some dry twigs or small bits of wood into the inserted tin can and light with a lighter. Now put on your kettle or saucepan and you’re ready to go.

Light the Twigs

Please let us know if you build your own Rocket Stove, we would love to hear your story and see the photos. Thank you.