Dandelion Wine Recipe

For any home brewer, dandelion wine making is an important part since this drink is so wonderful. The flowers to make dandelion wine appear at any time of the year. Most of them have a 99% of blooming in the colourful spring flush which runs from the end of March to the beginning of May. The dandelion flowers mostly blossom in roadsides, hedgerows, fields, untended lawns into a golden site. Although up-close the flowers are beautiful, it is not as sweet smelling as the roses. Otherwise, why have a fragrant flower to make wine?


Dandelion Wine Recipe

Best Dandelion wine recipe for cheap wine making.

Most people usually make syrup using the dandelion petals when trying to substitute plain sugar while making cakes since it has that special flavour; barley sugar. Upturning a flower pot over a dandelion plant blanches the growth of new leaves. Picking the flower petals need to be done in full sunlight, preferably in the morning. Getting a gallon of blossoms need only take you not more than 20 minutes. The dandelion recipe is pretty easy thereby producing a strong rich wine.

To make the dandelion wine you need the following ingredients;

• Petals from dandelion flowers enough for 4.5 litre container.

• 1½kg of sugar.

• Lemon juice from four fruits.

• 500g raisins. They should be either be squashed or chopped in a bag and pound it.

• Instead of raisins, you can use 200ml white grape from concentrated juice.

• Yeast nutrient.

The steps to make dandelion wine are pretty straight forward. Pour boiled water over the dandelion petals, then cover them and leave them for a couple of days but occasionally stirring them. After this, using a saucepan pour everything then add the lemon juice, raisins or grape juice while taking off the heat. Any bucket you use should be cleaned by use of a wine making Campden tablet.
Next you will need to tip the mix into this bucket and cover until it cools. Pour into the mix, yeast and yeast nutrient and cover. For three to four days ferment and then put it in a demijohn using a sterilised bit of muslin with a funnel. Fit a bubble trap into the demijohn and for at least two months to allow the mix to ferment. Rack off the mix using another demijohn then leave it until it clears. Bottle the clear wine.

Take not for any ferment, never use chlorinated water. Use of chlorine/chloramine-free water is the best for any fermentation to occur. Thus is you live in a city that adds chlorine to its water, you need to boil, and let it sit in a place overnight for the chlorine to settle. Use of purified, spring or bottled water is a must since chloramine cannot be removed.

Another factor to remember is that dandelion petals must be pesticide and herbicide free. Thus it is better to pick them from the countryside where you’re more familiar with. However, many might not have the courtesy of going to the countryside to pick the dandelion petals.

Growing the dandelion flowers in your lawn is another possibility. Firstly you need to grow a lesser bitter variety. The best variety tastes much better than the wild dandelions. The second thing to remember is that dandelions grow better in the shade. This makes sure that the leaves will blanch. Thirdly, harvest your dandelion petals early. Young leaves tend to be less bitter compared to the mature ones. Dandelions flowers are perennial. This means that after every harvest, the plant will grow back the same season. Remember not to harvest any dandelions for your wine that has been treated with chemicals or ones that grow near a road.

You might ask yourself while you should grow dandelion flowers in your garden. Many people might not know that dandelions are a great source of nutrients. The green dandelions contain potassium, calcium, Vitamin C, magnesium, thiamin, phosphorus, beta carotene, riboflavin, and fibre. The fact is that dandelions are actually more nutritious compared to some fruits and veggies most people buy in the grocery stores nowadays. Dandelions are beneficial to your kidneys, blood, liver, and helps in digestion. They greatly help with weight loss, acne, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure. All in all, dandelions are the perfect food. This means you can grow the dandelions plants not just for wine making but other beneficial healthy reasons.

Now you have the dandelion wine recipe. Grow some dandelion plants in your garden today. Be a wine master in your own home. Our problem is finding enough space to grow dandelions, if you have any ideas we would love to hear your thoughts