In this guide, we’ll show you how to build a cob Pizza oven

Making a cob pizza oven is a great way to bake tasty food in your garden and the great part is it doesn’t cost you a fortune to make either. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have this in your garden to impress your friends, lets jump in and show you how to make it.


You will need organic and recycled supplies for making a cob pizza oven, and wood to help keep it lit. Cob is a simple mixture of clay, hay, and sand. A cob pizza oven is ideal for cooking or baking tasty food. Cob building, wood energy, as well as the DIY philosophy. Not only that, it simply set me back about £20 to create one. The bricks were the only significant cost at £1 each.

Right Let’s begin!

Creating a pizza oven in a few steps:

  • Start with the building the base of the oven.
  • Then we can insulate it.
  • Create a sand dome.
  • Mix some thermal mass in the form of cob (sand and clay) then build your oven around the sand formation.
  • Remove the sand and produce the cavity.
  • Create some insulation using hay and clay.
  • Put your insulation around your cob pizza oven.
  • Use lime plaster to give your oven a weather proofing layer

Choosing where to put your oven

We don’t have a huge garden so we had to plan where to put our pizza oven. There were a few points to bare in mind before choosing your location.

The first point is making sure it’s far enough away from the house, but not too far that so that it’s still conventional.

The next point is to make sure you have good level ground to build your oven on.

Lastly, do you ever want to build a pergola, if so you may want to build this first before diving into your pizza oven build.

Pizza oven step by step photos