There are tons of reasons to have a very bee friendly type garden? What are they? Read on to learn more.

Gardeners, as well as, those who are passionate about organic gardening love to have gardens that cater for bees. It’s abundantly clear that bees love plants and flowers, so why not entice them into your garden with the plants they love best.

When they take to these bee-friendly flowers, they tend to pollinate them, and a garden can truly benefit from this kind of special pollination that only they can do. Any vegetable plants that are in your garden will be thankful for the pollination of the bees.


What are 6 bee-friendly plants you should have in your garden?

These bee-friendly plants are perfect for attracting bees. This is because, to be honest, they are loaded up with lots of pollen and nectar which bees love.

Bees love native wildflowers, flowering herbs, and an assortment of other flowing fruits and veggies. That’s what makes the gardeners’ work a bit easier, leaving the bees to do a lot of the feeding and leaving less space for reliable gardening.

So here are the plants:

1. Aster x Frikartii attracts not only bees, but also a number of butterflies, who do gather and suck on the daisy-like flowers that this bee and butterfly pollinating plant does produce.

2. Butterfly bush (Buddleia) – This is another very bee-friendly flowering plant. What makes these slender cones of flowers so attractive to bees to pollinate is very clear, they are very fragrant and they tend to blossom in both spring and summer in abundance. They are also evergreen and deciduous.

3. Roses – Keeping a garden rosy with the presence of various roses is a sure-fire way to get bees to come. Because, after all, who doesn’t love roses? We all do.

4. Black-eyed Susan – Bees simply get addicted to the Black-eyed Susan flower. This summer perennial produces lots of bright coloured blooms that are adored by many.

5. Bugloss – Bugloss is an early summer perennial that does produce flowers that are bright blue in colour. These blooms will keep on blooming for weeks at a time. Bees love them.

6. Chives – Chives produce awesome purple-coloured blooms in the Spring that bees will flock to, like no tomorrow, and it is very easy to grow for use in salads and other food dishes.

6-Bee-Friendly-Plants-You-Should-Have-in-Your-Garden-new-3Make your choice and start planting. Make sure to organise the flowers and have them grow up with lots of care – both from you and the bees. You could even do some landscaping about them. Want to know where honey bees live? This article explains.

It is not as hard as you may think. Just don’t forget about weed control!

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